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Eolementhe, your Collaborative Web Video Studio!

Video is the best way to promote your ideas and improve audience engagement, everywhere, on any device.

Interviews, tutorials, videos for social networks or web, conferences, e-learning, internal communication…, the Eolementhe web video studio offers multiple professional features to ease the creation and distribution of your videos!

Discover the two key features of Eolementhe studio:


No need to be an expert, just try it, like it, adopt it!


Save time thanks to powerful automated tools!


Work in a collaborative way (creatives, managers, HR, … yes, you can!) to validate the content

EoleEdit: online editing video has never been easier!

Enrich your videos & audios with text, sound and visuals, cut, assemble, without worrying about the complexity of traditional editing software. Add waveform to your podcasts to make them more dynamic! EoleEdit is super easy to use, through a simple web browser!


Add great subtitles to your videos with EoleCC

Increase the reach of your videos by adding subtitles in 120 languages, thanks to a super intuitive interface!

You can review and validate your subtitles, or use our network of professional translators who do the job for you!
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Simultaneously deliver your videos anywhere, to anyone…

To reach your audience where it is, Eolementhe simultaneously delivers your media content on Youtube, Twitter, Dropbox, ou via email…

Enhance the impact of your digital strategy thanks to Eolementhe!