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Eolementhe, your Collaborative Web Video Studio!

Video is the best way to promote your ideas and improve audience engagement, everywhere, on any device.

Eolementhe web video studio offers multiple professional features to ease the creation and distribution of your media:


No need to be an expert, just try it, like it, adopt it!


Save time thanks to powerful automated tools!


Work in a collaborative way (creatives, managers, HR, … yes, you can!) to validate the content

Make your creations unique without being a video editing pro!

EoleEdit is a super easy editing tool, available through a simple web browser!


Enrich your videos & podcasts with text, sound, waveforms, images, cut, assemble, without worrying about the complexity of traditional editing softwares.



Preview & annotate your videos in a collaborative way!

Agencies, productions, freelance videographers, you create videos and you are tired of going back and forth with your clients on video project modifications?


Offer them to work on EolePreview, an online platform to preview, annotate and validate video projects in a very simple way!


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Add great subtitles to your videos with EoleCC

Increase the reach of your content and promote inclusion with subtitling in 120 languages, in a super intuitive interface!


EoleCC is the quick and easy way to generate multilingual subtitles, reviewed by professional translators.


What’s more? A mix of AI and human input, for an ultra high-quality result!


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Evaluate the impact of your content with the Kantar Media watermarking

Do you produce content that is distributed via a variety of channels: radio, TV, VOD, streaming, social networks, web, etc?


Evaluate the effectiveness of each piece of content on each distribution channel, thanks to Kantar Media‘s audience measurement technologies integrated into Eolementhe.