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Easily subtitle your videos, in several languages

Add multilingual subtitles to your webinar (Zoom, Teams…) 

Add subtitles to your e-learning courses, in several languages 

Improve your video SEO & better index your Media Library, thanks to AI

They talk about us

The European Parliament adopts Eolementhe as its option to begin multilingual subtitling

Videomenthe announces that the European Parliament has chosen Eolementhe©, the collaborative media workflow platform, at the conclusion of a tendering process…

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Quality Control for files in the cloud: Deluxe Media Paris uses the Eolementhe solution

Deluxe Media Paris uses Eolementhe©, the collaborative media tool box, Videomenthe announces…

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Montpellier : Rakuten Aquafadas sponsors four startups for Vivatech

The company Rakuten Aquafadas invites four other startups on the regional Occitanie pavilion at Vivatech, the innovation show in Paris…

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Dropbox Debuts Integration with Video Editing Software, Transcription Services, and More

Dropbox rolled out a new set of integrations with video and audio tools including Videomenthe.

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