Easy, fast and affordable online editing

Editing video has never been easier!

Wherever you are, log in to EoleEdit and prepare your video, even without being an editing pro: cut, paste, add text, logos, images and sound, and export!
From 25€/user/month.

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Create great videos through a simple web browser!

Enrich your videos with text, sound and visuals, cut, assemble, without worrying about the complexity of traditional editing software. EoleEdit is ultra easy to use!
Edit your corporate videos, news reports, online courses, Instagram stories or social media posts…, without technical expertise!

Create your videos in the right formats!

EoleEdit supports your videos in square, 16/9, 9/16… formats, perfect for social networks, the web, mobile viewing!


makes your creations unique, have fun with every click!

Increase the reach of your creations with multilingual subtitles

The super advantage of the EoleEdit web solution? By connecting it to our subtitling tool EoleCC, you can add professional quality subtitles in no time.
You have a choice of 120 languages, enough to show the world your creations!