Videomenthe: Who are we ?

Founded in 2008, Videomenthe is a SaaS video solution provider for media and corporate (marketing, communication, HR).

Our customers

Coming from the professional audiovisual industry, Videomenthe counts among its historical customers national TV channels, post productions and productions.

A collaborative platform

Interested in the increasingly systematic use of video in all areas of activity, Videomenthe now puts its expertise at the service of the corporate world, via the collaborative platform Eolementhe, which allows to enrich and deliver videos very easily.

Video is our DNA!

Our story begins in 2008, when Muriel Le Bellac, passionate about audiovisuals, created the company Videomenthe.
For many years, Videomenthe has been supporting professional audiovisual actors in the management of their media content, through business solutions and via the Eolementhe web platform, designed to facilitate the creation of video workflows.
Then we noticed the growing use of video by clients from different horizons, for internal and external communication, training, education, etc.
We also noticed that it was difficult for these customers to find tools to edit videos and add subtitles, tools that are simple and affordable, while giving a professional result.
So we adapted our Eolementhe web platform to make it a collaborative web video studio, which covers the needs of small and medium-sized businesses and international groups, in an ultra-intuitive interface.

In short, our credo is to offer you simple, fast and affordable web video solutions!

Why the names Videomenthe and Eolementhe?

We wanted a name that was different from the technical names that existed on the market at the time (a lot of words like Systems, IT, Tech, but that reflected our core business.
We already had the beginning of the name, VIDEO, so far so good!

For the rest, to find an original name, not yet registered, we will not lie to you, it was not easy. So here it is, it fell on MINT, because it’s fresh, green, and it sounded good (better than Videobasilic). And green was quite rare in logos at the time.

So VIDEOMENTHE was born.

Then, when the EOLEMENTHE platform was created, Muriel chose EOLE because she is passionate about kitesurfing and Eole, in Greek mythology, is the god of wind.

You know everything!

Our team

The strength of Videomenthe is its team!
It is composed of profiles from different backgrounds. They combine skills:
● IT ;
● Media ;
● Sales ;
● And Digital Marketing.
Boost your process and propel your content with their expertise and 360° understanding of video issues.

Muriel Le Bellac CEO & founder

Matthieu Arnould Technical manager

Sandrine Hamon Marketing manager

Stevens Seguin Lead Dev

Antoine Durand Junior Devjunior

Samia El Omari          Sales Junior junior

Théo Simoes                  Dev jun

Audiovisual IT technician
Olivier Barret            Devun