Eolementhe, your collaborative web video studio!

Create, enrich, comment, subtitle, validate, share your videos becomes a child’s play with Eolementhe.

The Eolementhe web video studio offers multiple professional features in a very intuitive web interface. The goal? Facilitate the creation and distribution of your videos, in a collaborative mode!

Discover the key features of Eolementhe

EoleEdit, is the online editing available to everyone! Cut, paste, combine, add text, images, audio and retrieve your content in the desired format, simply!


EoleCC is the subtitling function in 120 languages, combining automated tools (AI) and human review. Want to add quality subtitles 5x faster?


Preview & annotate your videos in a collabortive way!

EolePreview is the video preview and annotation function from the Eolementhe web studio.
Comm’ agencies, productions, freelance videographers, work with your customer on the same web platform, to validate projects together.

Do you want to save time? Avoid inaccurate and unproductive back and forth?


Measure your content ROI!

Evaluate the effectiveness of your content each distribution channel, thanks to Kantar Media‘s watermarking.

Kantar Média’s watermarking, applied inaudibly to each of your content items, enables survey institutes to obtain detailed audience measurement by content and distribution channel.