Edit & subtitle your podcast online

With EoleEdit, online editing solution, you can transform your podcast, radio show, audio, into an attractive video clip!

Avec EoleCC, subtitling solution, you can add multilingual subtitles, to make it inclusive, adapted to social networks and SEO friendly.

Ultra simple, fast and affordable!



The Eolementhe web video studio offers two functions, EoleEdit and EoleCC, to:

Edit your podcast

Turn your podcast into a video to make it super attractive! Add image, logo, text, cut out excerpts from your podcast, and broadcast!

Adding an audio wave

The audio waveform of your podcast is added in 1 click, to make it more alive! The plus? You manage the positioning of this waveform and its rendering (size and amplitude).

Subtitle your podcast

Add subtitles in 120 languages, according to your graphic charter. Use the transcript file to make your podcast inclusive and improve its SEO !

Upload your audio and add a waveform in 1 click

With EoleEdit, edit your podcasts directly from your browser, in square, vertical or horizontal format! Add your logo, titles and an audio wave to make your content more dynamic.

Create short videos from your podcasts, radio shows, audiobooks, etc., and broadcast them on Instagram, Youtube and all your favorite networks. Ideal for podcast trailers and clip creation!


Deliver in 1 click on YouTube and Twitter

Connect your YouTube and Twitter accounts, and deliver your subtitled video podcast in one click from the EoleCC platform!




Turn your podcasts into video clips, subtitle them in different languages and share them on social networks!


Edit your podcasts, create excerpts and broadcast them on Instagram, Twitter, and all your favourite networks!


Create highlights from your radio shows and broadcast them on social networks and the web!♥


Musicians, audiobook author, promote your works by creating video clips with waveform! ♥

You too can create your own podcast or subtitled audio now!