Discover how our clients benefit from Eolementhe


The European Parliament adopts Eolementhe© as its option to begin multilingual subtitling

Need: a web-based solution for automated transcription and translation
Challenges: speed of processing, collaboration between translators, budget and security

« Eolementhe has proved to be the ideal solution to meet our requirements. The combination of very effective automated tools with the option of manual intervention makes it possible to deliver high-quality subtitled content in a very brief period of time. Another point worth emphasizing is Videomenthe’s availability and its capacity for listening to its customer, making it a trusted partner.», explains Delphine Piraprez, an advisor at the European Parliament’s Directorate General for Translation.

Digital 113 uses Eolementhe© for transcription and subtitling into French

Need: quickly transcript and subtitle short video interviews, in French, for a social network delivery purpose
Challenges: time and ease of use

Thanks to Eolementhe, Manon Duma, Digital marketing manager, delivers subtitled interviews, in a really short time:

“Transcription into French is 95% accurate, which provides considerable time savings. The remaining 5% were corrected and validated manually in Eolementhe portal, for a high-quality result. Eolementhe is really easy to use for any kind of user, enabling our team to become operational rapidly !”

France Médias Monde chooses Eolementhe© as its video-subtitling web solution

Need: a solution to make its teams’ subtitling work easier and faster on short videos
Challenges: ease of use, modularity and budget

« We’re able to publish our videos – subtitled in several languages – on the internet very rapidly, without any compromise in quality of translation, thanks to Eolementhe© and its automated tools. The option of human validation at every stage in the process, as part of the collaborative method of working, is a real advantage.[…]», RFI’s Clément Bisset explains.