Probikeshop subtitles its video tutorials with EoleCC

Montpellier, France – 04/15/2022 – Probikeshop uses Videomenthe’s EoleCC solution for the video subtitling of its mechanical bike maintenance tutorials.

Probikeshop, french leader

Probikeshop is the French leader and a major European player in online sales of bikes, accessories and spare parts. Indeed, thanks to its team composed of enthusiasts and experts, a large choice of products is proposed, to meet the demand of competitors as well as leisure riders.

Probikeshop shares its passion and expertise through video tutorials that address different technical themes around the bike:

  • How to choose your MTB brake pads ?
  • How to adjust automatic pedal cleats ?
  • And how to clean your bike ?
  • Etc.

And, to subtitle their videos and export them internationally, Probikeshop called upon Videomenthe.

EoleCC subtitles Probikeshop videos

In this context, the marketing team selected the EoleCC Solution to subtitle its videos in French and English. The objective is to reach its European community. Indeed, Probikeshop has no less than 42,8K subscribers on YouTube!

“We chose EoleCC because it’s a great tool that saves us a lot of time and fits our budget. As a result, my team and I can collaborate on the subtitles at the same time. Once the French subtitle is validated, a Videomenthe translator takes over for the English verification. So, it’s great because all we have to do is get the subtitled videos and then add them to YouTube,” explains Camille Ollier, Content Manager at Probikeshop.

Tutorial with English subtitles – Youtube channel Probikeshop_TV

This global service combines the EoleCC platform and verification by our professional translators. It has proven to be a major asset for Probikeshop. We are delighted to contribute to their European development! Our team has done everything possible to support the digital marketing team on both technical and commercial aspects. This is the beginning of a great partnership between our two companies“, concludes Muriel Le Bellac, President of Videomenthe.

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