Eolementhe is the web collaborative platform which combines automated tools and human action, to easily process and deliver your content: social networks (Twitter, Youtube), Dropbox, CMS, storage…

Which use?

Internal communication/ HR: use the video to engage your team, create training content, share your internal culture, enrich your corporate presentations…

Pour quels usages ?

External communication: expand the reach of your brand thanks to videos, make your products known, give video feedback from your clients in several languages…

How does it work?

1/ Add your content

Upload your files in an accelerated way, manually or automatically, from your device, your local storage or your cloud storage, from Youtube or your social network.

2/ Create your workflow

by clicking on blocks (= each block is a feature)

  • transcode your video to the right format and insert your logo
  • check the quality of audio and video
  • do a speech to text to generate a subtitle, translate the subtitle in more than 70 languages
  • add metadata and get some from Artificial Intelligence,
  • stream the video, generate clips, add comments on specific images
  • pause for manual action
  • antivirus process
  • conditional and parallel actions
3/ Preview your video

Using the Filelib tab, you can finalize your video by streaming it, modifying and validating each step of process with a human action before delivering or publishing it.

4/ Deliver the final content 

To anyone, manually or automatically, on all kind of platforms: Youtube, Twitter, Dropbox, CDN, dedicated and cloud storage, ftp, etc.

A dashboard is available to monitor and check all the files being processed into the platform step by step. Analytics are provided regarding each operation being done through the platform.

Mobile app available too

eolementhe mobile app




A simple and intuitive interface, that can be customized to your brand

With Eolementhe, no need to be an expert! The user can easily create its own workflow, by clicking on the features blocks. Eolementhe has been designed for a smoothly user experience.
Eolementhe is also your solution: customize the portal with your visual identity!

A collaboration made easy

When talking about a video project, multiple people are working together, from different locations (creatives, project managers, HR…). Eolementhe provides several features to ease collaboration: workflow sharing between users, integrated chat in the preview Filelib (to validate collaboratively a text for example), pause steps to correct and validate collaboratively a content.

A cost-effective solution

Pay per Use or monthly fee: chose the financial flexibility!


Save time, thanks to a mix of automated tools and human actions

Multiple powerful open source and third-party tools have been selected to make you save time in content processing. Your team can then correct and validate the content. As a result? A quality content, produced twice as fast.

A secured platform

Our major customers are producers, TV channels… We know the importance of security and confidentiality when talking about content which go through Eolementhe. Our solution is built on a highly-secured infrastructure (Microsoft Azure Cloud), with data hosting in Europe.

A green approach

Eolementhe has been ecodesigned, to reduce its environmental footprint and optimize costs.