In this article, we will delve into the evolving landscape of advertising on streaming platforms, exploring the challenges posed by audience measurement and the critical role of watermarking in ensuring a remarkable return on investment. Stay tuned to uncover the strategies and technologies that will shape the future of streaming platform advertising.

In the ever-evolving landscape of streaming platforms, a significant shift is underway. In August, Disney+ made headlines by increasing the prices of its ad-free plans in select countries, a move designed to drive the adoption of its ad-supported plans [source: StreamTVInsider]. 

Following in these footsteps, giants like Netflix, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime have begun weaving advertising into their content strategies. The allure of advertising on streaming platforms appears promising, but a pivotal question looms large: Is it indeed a golden opportunity for brands and advertisers?


The Enigma of Audience Measurement

Amidst this evolving paradigm, the crux of the matter remains audience measurement. Brands and advertisers seek the assurance of knowing the potential reach of their advertisements before allocating their budgets to streaming platforms. Today, however, streaming platform audiences remain shrouded in obscurity, relying predominantly on self-declaration.

Consider this: the fourth season of ‘Stranger Things’ reportedly accrued “one billion viewing hours upon release” [source: Hollywood Reporter].

Yet, the crucial queries linger unanswered: How was this figure calculated? Who viewed the series? And on which device – a TV set, a smartphone, or a tablet? The unknowns create a significant conundrum, especially for prospective advertisers.

Embedding Ads with Watermark

In the quest for transparent audience metrics, advertisers must embrace a new approach—watermarking their ads.

This watermarking technique offers a route to acquiring accurate audience measurements, unveiling pertinent and profitable advertising channels.

Julien Rosanvallon, the DGA of Médiamétrie, boldly announced their intent to measure the audience of platforms such as Netflix by 2024, regardless of cooperation [source: The Media Leader].

In his words, “Today’s market needs objective, common, shared hearings that are accepted by all players.

The Art of Watermarking

In this endeavor, Kantar Media emerges as a pioneer, boasting the most precise watermarking technologies.
These technologies capture viewership across screens with remarkable granularity, offering a tag-agnostic approach to track all forms of online content and advertising.

Partnering with Kantar Media, Videomenthe simplifies the process of watermarking content.

Utilizing our web-based platform, Eolementhe, you can effortlessly watermark various content types and access precise audience measurements.

Whatever you are a TV actor, an agency, an advertiser, watermark your content makes you get accurate information about audience. The main goal? Ensure the ROI of your ads.