Videomenthe announces that the European Parliament has chosen Eolementhe©, the collaborative media workflow platform, at the conclusion of a tendering process.

In late 2018, the European Parliament’s Directorate General for Translation issued a call for tender with the goal of adopting a web-based solution for automated transcription and translation – one that would allow for manual intervention at all stages of the workflow, to be able to check, edit and amend its components, all accessed via an intuitive, secure, adaptable interface.

Videomenthe is proud to announce the success of its tender, thanks to the functions and technical features of the Eolementhe© platform (speech-to-text, multilingual subtitling, collaborative working and secure hosting in Europe, in particular), but also in view of its compliance with the budget set by the European Parliament.

« Eolementhe has proved to be the ideal solution to meet our requirements. The combination of very effective automated tools with the option of manual intervention makes it possible to deliver high-quality subtitled content in a very brief period of time. Another point worth emphasizing is Videomenthe’s availability and its capacity for listening to its customer, making it a trusted partner», explains Delphine Piraprez, an advisor at the European Parliament’s Directorate General for Translation.

In January 2019, Videomenthe began working with teams of European Parliament translators to create a workflow allowing their needs to be met.

Once the video has been rapidly and securely uploaded to the Eolementhe© portal, a preliminary automatic stage of audio conversion to text (also known as speech-to-text) is carried out. A Pause option then allows a checker to adjust the text and the timecodes in the source language before moving on to check the transcription file that serves as the basis for the translations.

The automated translations are then processed in parallel using Eolementhe©, with a Pause once again to allow translators to check and modify them, working collaboratively.

These parallel workflows provide considerable time savings, by combining speed of automation with human added value.

FileLib: checking and editing of subtitles, with integrated Chat
An intuitive interface

Videomenthe has also trained and supported teams of European Parliament translators and managers (around 150 people) in using the tool. Since the Eolementhe© interface has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use for any kind of user, the learning experience went smoothly, enabling the translators to become operational rapidly.

« This project is great recognition for us. It confirms our position as a European-level publisher of Saas video solutions and strengthens our belief that combining automated tools and manual intervention is a real asset in streamlining workflows and for better monetizing content », adds Videomenthe CEO Muriel Le Bellac.