How to Translate a Video from English to French

You are a school or a marketing department and you want to translate a video from English to French. Perhaps you lack the knowledge and time to do it yourself? Before you get out your dictionary and do a word-for-word translation, read the rest of this article. Here, Videomenthe shows you the different ways to make a transcription in the blink of an eye.

Free video translation from English to French

Got time on your hands? The good news is that free translation solutions exist. Let’s have a look around together? 

Automatic transcription from English to French  

You want to use a free video translation application. When you don’t speak a word of English, it is indeed tempting.

You can, for example, use voice input to translate a video from English to French. Beware, you may not like the result.

The French text you get may indeed sound like gibberish! You will therefore have to check the subtitles again.

On top of that, you will have to check the correct position of your timecodes. It’s better that your subtitles are positioned under the right image, don’t you think?

Translating into French with YouTube, the process

Do you share your videos on YouTube? This platform allows you to translate and add subtitles in the language of your choice. Here again, you transcribe from English to French, thanks to an automatic translation system.

Try this alternative, but don’t expect miracles if you want a professional result! Like many fully automated translation solutions, its performance is still not up to your expectations.

So maybe you’ve thought about hiring a translator?

Manual English to French transcription by a professional 

Do you know how long it takes a professional translator to subtitle a one-hour online course from English to French? Between 5 and 8 hours.

The average cost of a translation service is €300. You can easily understand that your translation budget will quickly explode.

You prefer a simple and above all inexpensive translation solution. Then take the time to read the rest of this article. You will be won over!

Translate a video from English to French with Eolementhe

We can imagine that you don’t want to spend hours subtitling your webinar. And you certainly don’t want to go into debt to make your audio content in French. Who would? So, have you ever heard of Eolementhe?

What is Eolementhe?

It’s an online video studio created by Videomenthe. You don’t need to be an audiovisual expert: it’s very easy to use! It consists of :

  • An editing solution called EoleEdit;
  • A powerful translation service: EoleCC.

Its system is based on artificial intelligence coupled with human review.

With it, you can transcribe from English to French in a simple, fast and above all inexpensive way.

For example, the Collège de Paris uses Eolementhe to subtitle in English the courses given in French. Handy for foreign students, isn’t it?

Similarly, Dell Technology uses our subtitling and translation service for its major European events.

We explain how to use this method.

Step 1: Embed your video on the translation platform

This step is very simple: just upload your video in its original language to the EoleCC platform.

So far, so easy!

Step 2: Automatic transcription and translation of your video

EoleCC takes care of subtitling your video in its original language and then translating it from English to French. And that’s what we’re interested in in your case.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, subtitling is done 5 times faster than if you were to use a manual solution. As for your texts, they are 90% reliable.

By the way, our software is capable of translating into more than 120 languages. That’s good to know if your next webinar is in Chinese or Zulu instead of English!

Step 3: Human verification

Our software doesn’t just transcribe and translate your video from English to French automatically. Of course, you have the power to check and validate the generated subtitles, for a perfect rendering!

Videomenthe also offers a service to check your translation by one of our professional translators.

Step 4: Embedding your subtitles

All that remains is to choose the style of your text, taking into account your graphic charter. Your subtitles will then be inserted automatically.

Step 5: Share your video

You have finished translating your video from English to French. To distribute it, nothing could be easier: just share it on your favourite medium, directly from the EoleCC collaborative platform.


EoleCC: the translation solution adapted to your needs

Do you process less than 30 minutes of video per month? EoleCC Lite is enough to transcribe and translate content in these 5 languages

  • French
  • English;
  • Italian ;
  • Spanish ;
  • German.

Do you make videos in a team? EoleCC allows you to generate as many subtitles as you want. Then choose from over 120 languages.

You want to translate a video from English to French quickly, without leaving your shirt behind? EoleCC is obviously the solution to obtain an optimal and inexpensive transcription result. Test it now for free and take advantage of our offers.