Deluxe Media Paris uses Eolementhe©, the collaborative media tool box, Videomenthe announces

Deluxe is an international group specializing in the creation, transformation, localization (dubbing, subtitling, audio description, etc) and distribution of content for broadcasting operators, suppliers of content and advertising agencies. Deluxe operates in 38 markets worldwide and has 7, 500 collaborators.

Deluxe Media Paris has chosen Eolementhe©‘s service for quality control of its media files and to guarantee compliance of the content sent to its clients.

Eolementhe©, the collaborative media tool box for creating workflows and transferring media files in the cloud, offers transcoding, quality control, audio loudness correction, the insertion of metadata, multilingual subtitling, artificial intelligence, delivery of files, etc, all via the same very user-friendly interface, in a multi-provider environment.

Our priority is technical and artistic quality, and respect for original content. In addition to operating requirements, we had two further requirements: security of content and control of our budget. Eolementhe© enables us to meet our clients’ criteria in terms of quality of files, while guaranteeing us a secure environment. Another important point is that as the workflow is created entirely in the Cloud, we enjoy the benefit of a flexible, scalable financial model,” Deluxe Media Paris’ Director of Audio Services, Frédéric Taieb, explains.

Videomenthe has worked with the Deluxe Media Paris teams to put in place the system settings and in particular the processing permissions required for each user. Quality control test plans have also been created and uploaded to the Eolementhe© platform, and can be used by any type of operator, technical or otherwise.

Quality control is carried out using Interra Systems’ Baton® tool and the “Pause Workflow” feature makes it possible to include stages of editorial and technical checking of files, which facilitates collaborative working.

Once the workflow has been executed, Deluxe Media Paris has compliant files, ready to be delivered to its clients completely securely.

“We are in fact working to implement good security practices in terms of both software development and deployment in the Cloud, to be able to offer our clients a secure and reliable platform. This is a crucial point, just like financial flexibility. Eolementhe©, with its more seamless collaborative workflows, is a real asset in monetizing content more rapidly and more effectively,” adds Videomenthe CEO Muriel Le Bellac.