The New Video Production Workflow from Content Creation to Distribution

In today’s digital marketing, it’s no longer creative concept first and media strategy second. Often times., re-shoots or pick-ups become necessary once the media channels become clear.For brands, a traditional approach “its a roll of dice” that leads to second guessing and an inability to pivot. But they need to reach as many customers as possible with a single message through mass media channels like TV, Radio and WEB with the best ROI.

In this webinar we highlight the new video Production Workflow and see how Videomenthe platform is ready to stamp these challenges alongside DAM to share and distribute the content :

Planning: Align on media strategy and plan the content for efficient production
Shoot : Outtakes footage can be prime assets in order to cast a wide net
Edit : Build shorter stories from the ground up with online tools
Experiment : Use new media strategies and formats
Distribute : Tweak your creative processes and share across the communication channels


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