Videomenthe, the publisher of Saas video solutions, announces the launch of Ecolementhe CC, Eolementhe’s simplified interface for video subtitling dedicated to marketing, communications, HR and content creation services.

Videomenthe, which has worked with the big names in media (France Télévisions, M6, RFI, the European Parliament and NRJ12, amongst others) for the past 10 years, is making its expertise available to the corporate sector in the form of Eolementhe CC, a subtitling web solution featuring 112 languages. Videomenthe’s solution is one that is professional, simple and very affordable.

“Promotional material, tutorials, client interviews, snack content, internal communications, training, etc: video is the ultimate medium of communication, used by all businesses today – and subtitling is essential to be able to broadcast across social media and reach an international audience. In the market, you have a choice between complex tools (time-consuming), free solutions (not very effective) and service providers (expensive). So, we created Eolementhe CC to meet corporate clients’ expectations and offer them a web platform genuinely designed for them”, Videomenthe CEO Muriel Le Bellac explains.

Generate subtitles 5 times faster – it’s child’s play

Accessed using a browser or your mobile phone, Eolementhe CC combines simplicity, efficiency and speed. Once the video has been uploaded, the artificial intelligence software proceeds to convert speech into text and automatically translate it into 112 languages and dialects.

Since the AI is effective, but not perfect, your teams can then review and check the content (modifying the text, synchronising it with the audio), using the simple, intuitive interface.

Upload or broadcast your video directly, with subtitles embedded

Eolementhe CC embeds the subtitles in the video in accordance with the style guide selected. The subtitled video is then shared directly to your Dropbox, Twitter or Youtube account or via a link.

The Eolementhe CC solution has already won over major groups such as SER Solutions (software publisher with 550 employees).

“We have 22 sites in Europe and partners throughout the world. The subtitling of our videos is obviously an important issue, demanding significant investment. Eolementhe CC enables us to generate high quality subtitles rapidly. The commercial model is attractive and the team is very responsive, which is very pleasing!” notes SER Solutions Account Development Manager Sandrine Bomard.