Videomenthe announces that its Eolementhe CC solution has been chosen by BNI France, the world’s leading business networking organisation, for the subtitling of its videos.

Videomenthe, which is a partner of the big names in the media, is now placing its expertise at the disposal of corporate clients in the form of Eolementhe CC, a collaborative subtitling solution available in 120 languages, which is professional, user-friendly, rapid and very affordable!

Eolementhe CC has proved to be the ideal tool to meet the needs of BNI France, the top business networking organisation in France and the world, which helps professionals to develop their business through referral marketing.

“BNI is an international networking organisation operating in 73 countries. The question of languages obviously arises; we regularly receive information videos and videos promoting international events, which we have to translate and adapt for the French public. Eolementhe CC allows us to add French subtitles very rapidly ourselves, in a situation in which information needs to be distributed very fast”, BNI France’s head of marketing and communication, Claire Bléhaut, explains.

The Eolementhe CC solution in fact enables professionals in every field to add multilingual subtitles to their videos by means of a very user-friendly interface, combining automated tools and human revision.

Once the video has been uploaded, the AI software performs the tasks of converting speech to text and automatically translating the text into 120 languages. Users can then collaborate in the process, by revising and validating the content (modifying the text, synchronising it with the audio).

Eolementhe CC finally embeds the subtitles in the video, which can then be shared directly to a Dropbox, Twitter or Youtube account or can be shared using a link.

 “This option of generating subtitles in several languages and being able to correct them directly on the platform is one that has great appeal for our corporate clients. This solution really has been designed to simplify the process of subtitling and sharing videos to the greatest possible degree, and we invite industry professionals to test Eolementhe CC so that they can see this for themselves”, Videomenthe CEO Muriel Le Bellac concludes.

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