How to convert videos for Instagram?


  1. Instagram video format: size and resolution
  2. How to easily convert Instagram videos

Have you chosen Instagram to promote your brand on social networks? You’re right! With over 2 billion followers, this application is a great way to gain visibility. But you still need to know what format to convert your videos to for Instagram. Here, we talk about the best practices to do so and an ultra simple solution to resize your content. Read on and the size of a real or a story will no longer be a secret for you!

1. Instagram video format: size and resolution

Each social network has its own particularities. Let’s take a look at the conditions for importing video clips on Instagram.

1.1. Sizing a video for Instagram: main rules  

First of all, your clip must have proportions between 1.9:1/1(landscape) and 9/16. When it comes to digital file compression, MP4 is an excellent choice for making videos on Insta. The resolution must be at least 720 pixels. There is also a maximum size that must be respected. It is :

  • 650 MB for a 10 minute or shorter clip;
  • 3.6 GB for a half-hour video.

With that said, let’s go into a little more detail depending on the type of video you are making for Instagram.

1.2. Creating an engaging video for an Instagram feed

Go for a vertical format. It’s the best way to brand your target! The square format is also perfect for posting a video. Your followers will love it! For the duration, do not exceed 60 seconds. As for the file size, the best is 3.6 GB.

1.3. Designing a quality reel

Your subscribers love reels. So, to seduce them and please the Instagram algorithm, prefer a vertical format with a dimension of 1080 by 1920 px. Go for 9:16. The maximum length has recently been increased to 90 seconds!

1.4. Choosing the format for an Instagram story

The visual content must seduce your target in less than 15 seconds. To quickly capture your audience, 9:16 or 16:9 is perfect. As for the size of your story, it is best if it is 1920 x 1080 px.

As mentioned above, MP4 is still an excellent choice.

You now have all the information you need to properly size your video before importing it to Instagram.

Let’s say your audiovisual content is longer than 45 seconds. You can cut it up and make several stories out of it. EoleEdit,st is the online editing function of the web video studio Eolementhe. With it, you can create your own Insta-clip, even if you’re not a computer whiz.

We’ll show you how below.

2. Solution to edit Instagram videos easily  

Discover EoleEdit and edit your video at the right size to seduce your followers.

2.1. Le bon format vidéo en quelques clics

EoleEdit is an easy-to-use online editing software to size a video for Instagram. In a few minutes you can size your clip to the format you want:

  • Square ;
  • Vertical ;
  • Horizontal ;
  • 16/9 ;
  • 9/16 ;
  • and so on.

The operation is so simple that it may even become your favourite part.

2.2. How to use EoleEdit 

Ready to become a professional editor in a few minutes? Let’s get started!

  1. Go to the EoleEdit platform.
  2. Select the desired format and upload your clip.
  3. Cut out the images you don’t like;
  4. Assemble the ones you want to keep.
  5. Rotate the images as you like.
  6. Choose a nice transition that will have a nice effect.
  7. Add music or your logo.
  8. Export your visual content.

You’re done! Your Instagram video is ready to seduce your followers.

You’re wondering how to get your Instagram video back. Again, exporting it is not complicated. Just click on the button to download it before sharing it directly on your favourite social network.

We wanted EoleEdit to be accessible to everyone. Its monthly subscription costs no more than €25 per month. It allows you to create 30 minutes of professional quality video. Of course, you have the right to cancel your subscription whenever you want.

The little extra 

Eolementhe also allows you to subtitle your mp4 in French or other languages, thanks to its EoleCC function. Do you prefer to translate your audiovisual content into another language? With EoleCC, you can choose from 120 languages. So translate your Instagram stories into Chinese or Turkish and conquer the world.

Trust EoleEdit to convert your Instagram videos. In just a few clicks, you get the professional result you were expecting. A small free test to scale your video, is this what you need? Create your account now and get a one month trial. Or contact us now and ask for a demo. We will be happy to assist you.