Are you a content creator on LinkedIn and want to add quality captioning to your videos? Great idea! In fact, we decided to take a look at this issue. It has to be said that today, the written transcription of a video or a webinar is much more than an option on this professional social network. This article explains why and how to add a caption quickly on LinkedIn.

In this issue:

  1. LinkedIn Captioning: the key to your success
  2. Subtitling videos on LinkedIn: 3 reasons
  3. Creating an .srt file for LinkedIn
  4. How to add subtitles to a LinkedIn video easily?

1. Subtitling on LinkedIn: the key to your success

Discover or rediscover the LinkedIn platform and engage your audience with quality subtitled audiovisual content.

1.1. LinkedIn: some figures

With 25 million subscribers, LinkedIn is the online professional network to exploit to make your brand known. In France alone, 500,000 companies are present. Needless to say, the network is the second largest online platform for B2B in the world? As for its success in B2C, it is ranked fourth worldwide.

Do you know what kind of content users devour on LinkedIn? The video format, of course!

1.2. Video: a popular medium on LinkedIn

LinkedIn videos are making a splash. What’s more, they can significantly boost the engagement rate of your subscribers.

According to the platform, audio-visual clips are even 5 times more engaging than other types of content.

Whether it’s sharing your brand identity videos or hosting an online webinar, this is a real opportunity to increase your follower count on LinkedIn.

1.3. LinkedIn captioning: on the road to popularity

Do you want to capture as many people as possible behind their screens? You’d like to get a “like”, a “thumbs up” or, even better: a comment. Go all out and offer your prospects a quality LinkedIn video caption.

It’s essential for your LinkedIn content to be visible and understandable to all users.

2. Titling videos on LinkedIn: 3 reasons

Captioning a LinkedIn video is a real springboard to gain visibility. Read on to understand why.

2.1. Facilitate on-the-go consumption

Your LinkedIn subscribers don’t bother to turn on the sound when they look at their news feed. It must be said that they look at publications in situations where it is often impossible for them to activate it.

LinkedIn has understood this. The default setting allows a user to consume the publication without the sound being activated.

So you can imagine the crucial role of captioning in such circumstances.

2.2. Engage your audience

Embedding text under your LinkedIn video makes it easier to understand. This is especially the case for your prospects who have a more auditory than visual memory. They effortlessly memorize the information you provide orally. They are more focused on viewing. And that tempts them more to leave a comment, and therefore to contact you.

2.3 Gaining a foreign audience

You want to export your business abroad? No need to go to the other side of the world to do so.

Offer your audience content translated into their language. That’s the key to exporting in a few clicks!

2.4. Pleasing the LinkedIn algorithm

You may not have noticed, but the LinkedIn platform favors subtitled videos in news feeds. So, you might as well appeal to the algorithms and use quality subtitles, don’t you think?

Learn now how to generate subtitles on LinkedIn. You’ll see, it’s very simple.

3. Create an .srt file for LinkedIn

Here are the two possible alternatives.

3.1. Add a .srt file on LinkedIn

You have already prepared your subtitles. You need to import an .srt file. To add it to your video, go to the sharing area of your LinkedIn homepage:

Click on the video you want to attach your .srt file to;
1. Attach the document;
2. Save your changes.
3. You will then receive a notification that the captioning is visible.

3.2 Creating subtitles from A to Z

You don’t have a text file? Then you will have to generate it yourself. So, how do you make a quality subtitle? You have 3 alternatives for this:

  • Type your subtitles yourself;
  • Use an automatic subtitling software;
  • hire a transcriber and a translator.

The first solution is time consuming and difficult to implement. The automatic generator makes your work much easier, but it is still not a panacea. The option of using a translator can be very expensive.

How about an automatic solution combined with human correction at an affordable price to create videos for social networks?

4. How to add subtitles to a LinkedIn video easily?

Don’t risk your message going unnoticed on LinkedIn. Subtitle your visual clips in a professional way with EoleCC, an online tool as simple as effective.

4.1 Generating a qualitative transcript: instructions for use

Here’s how to create the .srt file to accompany your LinkedIn video with a fast, reliable and affordable subtitle generator. All you need to do is:

  • Upload your video content to EoleCC.
  • Request automatic creation of your subtitle file in the language of the video;

With speech recognition and artificial intelligence, you get subtitles in seconds. But that’s not all! You also check the accuracy of the transcription and modify it if it is not appropriate.

Better yet! We have professional proofreaders at your disposal. They look at your transcript and find the smallest error if there is one. But that remains to be seen, because EoleCC automatically generates subtitle text that is 90% accurate.

You are wondering how it works for the translation of your LinkedIn videos. The principle is the same as you can see right after.

4.2 Translating a LinkedIn video with EoleCC

You want to create automatic titles in a foreign language. Once you have created your text in French, all you have to do is choose the language in which you want to translate your online video. And there, you have more than 120 foreign languages at your disposal. You click and you get your file back in the blink of an eye.

We also offer you the services of a professional translator to check your subtitles. Take advantage of it!

4.3. The advantages of EoleCC

Stop doing your transcription manually. It is a tedious task that our online software performs in a few minutes. You will save so much valuable time.

You now know the importance of captioning your LinkedIn videos to gain visibility. EoleCC is the alternative that gives you an excellent result in a short time. Don’t deprive yourself of it! Take advantage of a free trial today. Once convinced, choose your subscription and let the artificial intelligence and the translation pros do the work.

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