Transcription and subtitling: for effective content marketing

Are you a video content creator? Did you know that transcription and subtitling are two great ways to optimize your content marketing? Text is a great visual medium. It helps to enhance the user experience. But that’s not all: there are many more surprises in store. We’d like to take a closer look here.


In summary:

  1. Optimize your content marketing with subtitles
  2. Subtitle and increase the SEO of your videos
  3. Create a quick transcript with voice recognition
  4. Boost your content creation easily

1. Optimize your content marketing with subtitles

You want to increase the conversion rate of your videos. Then go for subtitles without hesitation: they give your recording a better impact. You’ll understand why.

1.1. Consuming silent videos: a growing trend

Statistics show that captioning a video has become a necessity nowadays. Let’s say you post your content on Facebook, for example. According to a survey conducted by Digiday, 85% of videos are viewed without sound. It must be said that today, the slightest latency time is a pretext for viewing videos without sound.

French people watch their smartphone 26 times a day on average! The figures are even more staggering when it comes to the 18-24 age group. A young person would put his eyes on his phone 50 times a day.

And it’s not just to browse their messages. Most Internet users consume audiovisual content in noisy places: subway, café terrace, etc. It is not surprising that they do not put the sound on in such places!

1.2. Subtitling: a powerful engagement lever

You don’t add subtitles to your videos? How can you expect your audience to understand what you’re saying? It’s just not possible!

However, if you transcribe your lyrics below your video, you give your content marketing a different spin. You have every chance of keeping your target audience to the end of your recording. So you’re likely to convert more leads into customers in the process.

2. Subtitle and increase the SEO of your videos 

Do you record YouTube videos or webinars? Subtitling and transcribing are two great tools to boost the SEO of your videos. Search engines can’t actually read audio or video.

Text is one of the preferred means used by Google to index your content.

Clearly, without any transcription, your recording risks landing on the 194th page and staying there! So optimize your content marketing by adding text. Choose to create subtitles for your videos. With a good description and a quality transcript, you’ll see the difference! Your video content will soar in the most used search engines.

3. Create a fast transcript with speech recognition

Don’t bother typing your transcript manually (with two fingers). Artificial intelligence now allows you to automatically generate quality subtitles in less time than it takes to say it.

3.1. Adopt an online captioning tool

Opt for a captioning software like EoleCC. You’ll boost your content marketing incredibly with captioning.

All you have to do is embed your video on the platform. Your audio transcription is done in an automated way.

You download your text file (subtitle file in .srt format) in a few seconds.

3.2. Eliminate all language errors

Are you afraid that there are still mistakes? Don’t worry: EoleCC guarantees a 90% reliability of transcription, and you can check the generated text yourself. But that’s not all. As an option, you can have your text manually edited by proofreaders whose expertise in the French language is formidable. Your subtitles will be of exceptional quality, unlike those you generate with a free transcription solution.

The little extra

You want to export your product without being multilingual? EocleCc offers you the automatic translation you were waiting for in the language of your choice. It is, as a bonus, reviewed by a translator. So don’t worry about your content. It will cross borders and convert potential customers in any country.

4. Boost your content creation easily

Creating written or audiovisual content is very time consuming. Want to save time? Subtitle your videos and reuse your texts. You’ll lighten your workload and maximize your editorial content easily.

You have, in fact, a pool of text files at your fingertips. Recover them and feed your site or your social networks with these recycled publications.

Here are some ideas to enhance your writings:

  • Design a white paper that your audience will download right away.
  • Easily write a page on your site or a blog post using your latest webinar;
  • Take a few quotes and post them on Instagram or LinkedIn ;
  • Etc.

All you need to do is take your .srt file after producing your subtitle.

Don’t just create a video clip without text anymore. Both transcripts and subtitles are great opportunities to optimize your content marketing. So take advantage of it. Test EoleCC for free. You won’t be able to do without it to transform your video files.