How to make a viral video in 5 tips?


  1. Preparing Viral Videos
  2. Favouring a short video format
  3. Grabbing your audience immediately
  4. Propose punchy, easy-to-understand content
  5. Making a quality viral video

Dreaming of reaching 100,000 views with your next Instagram video? Whether you’re sharing content on social media or YouTube, making a buzz doesn’t happen overnight. There are no magic recipes to make it one of the most shared of the moment. However, some good practices can open the doors to popularity. Videomenthe gives you here 5 tips to follow without hesitation to know how to make a viral video.

1. Prepare viral videos

As you know, your editorial strategy needs to be at least a little worked out so that you can interest your audience. This is even more the case when you want a viral video to be spread by Internet users. Word of mouth only works if your content is powerful.

Of course, a smiling detail or an improbable event can help your video go viral. But you’re not going to wait for that to happen, are you?

So spice up your storyboard beforehand. Plan a clear message that aligns with your company’s values.

2. Favour a short video format

86% of Internet users love to watch videos online according to the 2020 Wyzowl study. But also keep in mind that your audience is a snack content fan. They like your content for sure, but they don’t have time to listen to you for hours! So, opt for short videos whose energizing power cannot be questioned.

Here is an overview of the ideal length of a recording according to its objective.

Type of contentMaximum video length
Tutoriel                                                                                    ⇒< 1 minute
Comany presentation                                              ⇒Between 1 and 2 minutes
Online event presentation                            ⇒Between 1 and 2 minutes
Presentation of a service of your product                     ⇒Between 1 et 2 minutes
Focus on the manufacturing of a product.                                ⇒< 3 minutes


Also remember to vary the type of content regularly so as not to bore your audience.

3. Engage your audience immediately

Want to make a great YouTube intro? The beauty of your images may not be enough to impact your audience. And yet, hooking your audience in the first 5 seconds is one of the main ingredients you need to know in video marketing.

You certainly want your prospect to listen to you, don’t you? Grab their attention right from the start. That way you build trust with your listener and glue them to their screen once and for all. Here are a few ideas to get him or her:

  • Interact with them from the very first words by asking them questions.
  • Put your logo up front. Accompany it with a little music.
  • Explain in a few catchphrases what your recording is about.

By applying these tips, your viewer will want to know more. They are unlikely to move on to another YouTube video without watching yours.

4. Offer punchy, easy-to-understand content

Your prospects now want to know more. So, keep them on the edge of their seats with an anecdote. Storytelling is, in fact, the key to making a video that has the potential to go viral beyond all limits. Why is that? Simply because by telling a story, you will trigger emotions in your listener. Playing on the psycho-affective string is the best way to seduce a 2.0 audience.

Depending on your audience’s expectations, make them feel joy, anger, or even fear.

If telling an anecdote facilitates the understanding of the Internet user, avoid drowning him under a mountain of details. Make it easy for them. If you do, you’ll lose him for sure.

5. Make a quality viral video

To keep your viewers watching until the end, make sure you have a quality recording. We’ve already talked to you about the importance of preparing your viral content well before filming. But your job doesn’t end there. You also need to edit and subtitle your video like a pro.

5.1. Create a professional-looking edit

Not an audiovisual expert? Rest assured, today you don’t need to be a director to create a viral video. There are easy-to-use tools with which you can edit a video in a few clicks.

This is, for example, the case with Eolementhe, your web studio for video editing and subtitling.

On this online platform, click on EoleEdit. This is an intuitive online editing feature that even a child could operate. With it, you cut images, assemble others, add audio, transitions, text, etc. You build the attractive viral video that your audience will enjoy sharing.

It’s not finished yet. Read the next few lines and learn how to easily subtitle your video.

5.2. Subtitle without hesitation

Create a powerful video with subtitles. You may not have thought about it, but with good subtitles, your content is more likely to be viewed in its entirety. Why? Titles are a valuable aid to understanding your video. So, how do you make a quality subtitle? Nothing could be easier!

Upload your recording to EoleCC. Automatically generate a subtitle in its original language. You’re done. The created text is 90% reliable. You can also correct or reposition it as you wish. And you can even have one of our proofreaders do it for you.

What you need to know

Our online subtitling tool allows you to translate your words into over 120 languages. Isn’t this the best way to make a viral video that crosses the borders of France?

You’ll never be sure that your content will make the rounds on the most used sharing platforms. However, by following these few rules, you may well achieve an unprecedented number of views! So, get everything in place to appeal to your audience from the start. Build a killer storyboard. Keep your video short. Tell an anecdote or adventure that your viewer wants to hear. Sprinkle in some emotion to touch their hearts. This way you create a viral video that will make all your competitors jealous. For editing and subtitling, trust Videomenthe. and try our platform for free!

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