Creating videos for social networks: everything you need to know 

Want to get the word out about your business? Facebook or Instagram are unstoppable to increase your visibility on the web. These social networks allow you to gather a community of prospects around your products. To communicate on the networks, visual content has become the norm. You still need to know how to create videos for social networks. This is what we explain here in a simple way.

In summary:

  1. Points to keep in mind while shooting
  2. Choose the right format
  3. Creating Videos for Social Networks: Editing
  4. Subtitling Videos: A Must

1. Points to keep in mind while shooting

The first step is to shoot your video for social media. Here are some tips to make sure your audience is captivated by what you have to say.

1.1. Keep it short

You want your video to go viral on social networks. Don’t be long-winded. Whether it’s a story for Instagram or any other visual content, remember that your listener zaps from one video to the next. So keep it short! Keep it to 1 minute maximum.

1.2. Engage your audience

Your challenge is to impact your audience in a very short time. Do you accept it? Good! So here are some ideas to capture the attention of your subscribers in a few seconds:

  • Focus on a specific topic that will interest your audience;
  • Don’t wait until the end to announce the topic;
  • Surprise your audience from the start.

One technique that works well, for example, is to start with an impactful number or a flash image. This makes your audience’s mouth water!

1.3. Create emotion

You want your prospect to remember you. So, touch their heart. Make them laugh or cry! To do this, use strong words that will reflect the power of your speech.

2. Choose the right format


There are a wide variety of video formats. Some work well on a particular social network, while others are less suitable.

2.1. The different types of video formats

First of all, here is a brief reminder of the different formats you can find to create videos for social networks.

The 16:9 format

The 16:9 or horizontal format has the oldest standard dimensions. Widely used in movies, it is also perfect for watching a video on a computer. On a cell phone, on the other hand, you have to rotate the device to browse the content.

The square format

It is also called 1/1 format. This square video has the advantage of being suitable for both cell phones and PCs. This format is experiencing a considerable growth on social networks. It could well steal the show from 16:9! It must be said that on Facebook, Instagram or even Twitter, the 1/1 format attracts more attention than its counterparts.

Vertical formats

There are 2 vertical formats:

  • The 4/5 usually fills the whole space of your news feed on Facebook or Insta. ;
    The 9:16 format is still very convenient to view on a phone. It is perfect for stories.

The vast majority of mobile users naturally use their phone in vertical mode. This format is therefore an excellent choice to improve the user experience.

2.2. Adapting the format to social networks

As you can see, you need to adapt the video format to the social network where you want to broadcast it. We have made a small summary table for you so that you don’t make any mistakes.

Social network













Found the right format to create your social media video? Now it’s time to edit. Let’s see what tools are available to create visual content.

3. Creating videos for social networks: editing

How to make a video for social networks? Editing is perhaps a step that scares you? You should know that there are now software to do it in a few clicks. Be careful, however, to avoid certain pitfalls when choosing your editing solution.

3.1. Mistakes to avoid when choosing software 

Find out what mistakes you should not make when choosing your video editing software.

  • Buying a tool with complicated features

If you’re reading this article, it’s probably because you’re not a videographer. It is therefore quite normal that you do not know how to edit a video. So don’t try to choose an editing tool that is too difficult to use. Not only will it be expensive, but you won’t be able to use all its features.

  • Creating your first video on your own

You’re new to editing software. It’s best to be accompanied, unless you have time to waste, of course. You don’t? Then ask for a demo and make sure you can get help in creating your first video.

  • Investing in software without testing it

Most video editing solutions today offer a trial period of varying length. You usually have time to make a first impression.

Keep in mind that the trial version may not contain all the features. Also check the date when it ends. This will prevent you from losing everything.

3.2. Easy video editing solution

Want to simplify your life and save time? Eolementhe is the video creation platform you need to make your professional content. With it, you can feed your social networks in an impactful way, in just a few clicks. We present it to you below.

3.3. A creation platform for top-notch videos

With EoleEdit, there is no need to install any video software on your desktop. Everything is online. All you need is a password to log in and create an edit from anywhere.

  • Support for all formats

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, you don’t need to become an expert in file formats. Just upload your videos to the platform. The rest is handled by EoleEdit. It’s a breeze!

  • A simple and efficient tool

No more cutting problems when editing! You can do it online without any difficulty. You add, of course, music or text, exactly where you want it.

4. Subtitling videos: a must


Think subtitling your videos is a waste of time? Take two minutes to read the following. As you’ll see, transcribing your visual content can earn you views and money. It would be a shame to do without it, don’t you think? 

4.1. 4 reasons to subtitle a video

Why subtitle a video? Here are 4 excellent reasons!

1. Adapt to users’ behavior

You’ve probably been watching visual content on the subway or while drinking coffee on a noisy terrace. Your first reflex is to mute your phone.

Indeed, it is difficult to understand a word if the sound level is at its highest. Besides, you don’t want your table neighbors to enjoy your viewing, do you?

Admit it, in such conditions, you stop your video. And you’re not the only one who does this!

85% of Facebook users watch videos with the sound muted, according to a Digiday1 survey. 

If the video is subtitled, however, you continue to watch it silently.

The bottom line is clear: if you want your customers to be able to benefit from your advice at all times, subtitle your videos without hesitation.  You’ll gain leads.

2. Make it easy for everyone

11.2% of French people consider themselves to be hearing impaired, according to the latest DRESS 2 study. Without subtitles, these people with disabilities cannot understand the information you offer.

Only reading allows them to decode the audio source. Do you want your content to be visible and audible to everyone? Once again, subtitling is essential.

3. Go international

You want to gain visibility outside of France. Translating your visual content into several languages is essential for it to be understood by a foreign audience. Without it, an audience that doesn’t understand the language of Molière won’t even bother to decode your words.

In this context, Videomenthe collaborates, for example, with the Collège de Paris. We subtitle training videos for foreign students.

The same goes for social networks: the multilingual transcription of each of your Facebook or Insta appearances allows you to reach non-French speaking prospects.

Dreaming of getting a lot of views on Facebook or Insta? Social network bots highlight the content they understand. And for that, they are interested in subtitling. So by creating written content below your video, you also improve your SEO. You increase your chances of being ranked at the top of the list.

As you can see, you have everything to gain by subtitling your videos for your social networks

4.2. EoleCC: an automatic subtitling tool

Maybe you don’t have the time or the patience to type everything you say. Don’t worry: we have the solution: EoleCC.

Quick way to subtitle a video

EoleCC allows you to create subtitles online, easily, in a short time. Just upload your video!

The transcription software handles the writing in the language of the video file. Of course, you keep control of the transcription. You can :

  • Adjust the text before creating your video for social networks;
    Adjust the time indicators, “time codes”;
    Build a dictionary of words specific to your topic.

The subscription to EoleCC remains affordable (EoleCC Lite from 19€ / month without commitment).

Human translators in all languages

EoleCC sait également traduire votre texte en 120 langues du Coréen, en passant par le Cingala ou le Zoulou ! Vous pouvez même faire vérifier vos sous-titres par l’un de nos traducteurs pro.

Avec Eolementhe, créer des vidéos pour les réseaux sociaux n’a jamais été aussi facile. Vous avez d’ailleurs droit à un essai gratuit. Alors, ne passez pas à côté ! Rassurez-vous, notre équipe vous accompagne au quotidien. Il suffit de nous contacter.

EoleCC can also translate your text in 120 languages from Korean to Singala or Zulu! You can even have your subtitles checked by one of our professional translators.

With Eolementhe, creating videos for social networks has never been easier. You get a free trial. So don’t miss out! Don’t worry, our team is here to help you every day. Just contact us.