Subtitling and translating an institution’s video


  1. Subtitling and translating institutional videos: what impact?
  2. 3 examples of subtitling and translation of videos for institutions
  3. Translation and transcription for international organisations

Are you part of an official organisation and want to expand your audience with quality audiovisual content? Did you know that subtitling and translation of videos for institutions is a must? Both help to engage a wider audience. So why add titles? How can you make your content more dynamic in this way? That’s what we’ll look at in this article.

1.Subtitling and translating corporate videos: what impact?

Your organisation needs to get a message across to as many people as possible. Find out here what subtitling and multilingual transcription can mean for your foundation.

1.1. Getting a message across to a wide audience

The video format is very popular with all Internet users. Hootsuite’s 2021 statistics speak for themselves. The YouTube platform, for example, has 2.2 billion subscribers. In France alone, 450 channels have more than one million users.

As far as social networks are concerned, the studies are just as astounding. 8 billion pieces of audiovisual content are viewed daily on Facebook.

Among these staggering figures, there is one that should be highlighted: 85% of videos are watched without sound. It must be said that many users consume content in noisy public places. So turning up the sound is of no use to them.

So you can see why it is vital to subtitle your institutional content today? It is the only way to make them understandable at all times.

1.2. Adapting your institutional content for the deaf and hard of hearing

Subtitling an institutional video in French also means allowing deaf and hard-of-hearing people to consult the information you provide.

Hearing problems affect 16% of the French population. This represents 10 million people in the country. Why shouldn’t they have access to the important information you provide? Be inclusive and translate your words into text!

1.3. Attracting internationally

You want to expand your foundation’s scope of action outside France. To boost your communication and engage a foreign audience, audiovisual translation is essential.

As you will have understood, subtitling and translation must become a systematic step in the editing of your official content. As you will see, subtitles can be useful in many circumstances.

2. 3 examples of subtitling and translation of videos for institutions  

In practice, subtitling and translation of institutional content is useful on many occasions. Here are 3 projects in which Videomenthe has been involved.

2.1. Achieving a quality workflow 

Since January 2019, Videomenthe has been offering the European Parliament the solution to translate and subtitle official content automatically.

The work carried out within the Parliament allows:

  • Convert audio into text;
  • Multilingual subtitling;
  • To have the texts revised by experienced proofreaders.

It should be noted that this subtitling alternative is fully within the budget allocated for this project.

2.2. Translating courses 

Videomenthe also worked with the Collège de Paris. This institution has a multilingual audience. It was therefore looking for an effective subtitling solution to enable foreign students to follow their training without any problems.

Collège de Paris was able to translate its videos from French to English for its English-speaking learners.

2.3. Providing media content in multiple languages

France Médias Monde is a media organisation that broadcasts in 14 languages on 5 continents. The site regularly publishes videos for which subtitling and transcription are essential. Videomenthe helped the France Médias Monde teams with this task. Read the press release about this project here and read on to find out more about Videomenthe.

3. Translation and transcription for international organisations  

Do you need an efficient alternative for subtitling and transcribing your corporate content? Discover Eolementhe, your online machine translation solution, and gain in efficiency as well as quality.

It is an online platform. It allows you to :

  • Edit your videos in a simple way with EoleEdit;
  • Quickly perform multilingual subtitling with EoleCC.

3.1. The guide to multilingual transcription

Here is how to add text in the language of your choice:

  1. Add your audiovisual content (video or audio) to the platform.
  2. Select the language of your video for transcription
  3. Then choose the language of your choice for translation.
  4. Check your subtitles or have them translated by one of our proofreaders and/or translators.
  5. Retrieve your .srt file and your subtitled video
  6. Publish your video on the platform of your choice

You get the professional result you were expecting.

3.2. The benefits of professional subtitling with EoleCC

EoleCC uses artificial intelligence to generate subtitles quickly. With this online software, subtitle creation is 90% reliable. It also delivers text 5 times faster than other translation services currently available on the market.

In addition, our solution offers you manual revision of your texts. You are therefore guaranteed to publish a multilingual text without the slightest error.

This transcription alternative also adapts to your project’s budget. It can be customised according to your subtitle translation needs.

The price, meanwhile, remains totally affordable.


Finally break down the language barrier in all your content. We have the ideal subtitling and video translation solution for institutions like yours. So contact us and let’s work together to boost your organisation’s visibility.