Video content and 100% digital events have been on the rise since the health crisis. At the same time, subtitling has become an essential part of communication. You may be wondering why you should add text to your webinar. Here you can find out more about this. In addition, we will explain how to subtitle your video conference quickly and professionally.


  1. Subtitling in videoconferencing: 4 advantages
  2. Automatic subtitling software for a professional solution
  3. 4 examples of successful online subtitling

1. Why subtitle in videoconferencing?

Here are 4 reasons why subtitling is your greatest asset if you are making videos.

1.1. Remove barriers to understanding

There are many barriers to understanding the audience during a videoconference. It must be said that many parameters can affect the listening skills of the participants:

  • Poor sound quality of the video;
  • The fact that the speaker is visible or not;
  • Lack of regulation in speaking;
  • Etc.

Subtitling a videoconference therefore makes sense in this context. Written transcription makes it much easier to access the visual content.

1.2. Addressing a multilingual audience

Do you want to make yourself known internationally? Translating your webinar is a must for building your audience. How do you expect to build your reputation in Finland if your content is not translated into Finnish? It’s just not possible!

1.3. Remain accessible to a deaf and hard of hearing audience

You may have participants in your audience who have hearing problems.

Be aware that an uncaptioned video conference is a real ordeal for someone who has problems hearing. So be inclusive.

Let people with hearing difficulties access your content with subtitles.

The little trick

Depending on your audience, customise the display of your subtitles. Configure the size and colour of your font.

This way you can offer your audience quality subtitles that are tailored to them.

1.4. Saving time

The written transcription of an audio or video is a real plus for you too. Get your .srt file and use it to :

  • Make a report of your videoconference meeting;
  • Offer a written trace to your subscribers in a few clicks;
  • And so on.

In all cases, you do not rewrite everything. It’s interesting to save time, isn’t it?

So you’re wondering how to do quality subtitling without spending hours in front of your computer. We’ll give you the details below.

2. Automatic subtitling software for a professional solution

Subtitle your webinars easily with professional subtitling software. Offer your audience video conferences that live up to their expectations.

2.1. Application to quickly subtitle a video

Did you know that it is now easy to transcribe speech automatically? Yes, you heard right. It is not you who manages the subtitling, but artificial intelligence.

Introducing EoleCC, a professional subtitling software that can transcribe your video conference into French or more than 120 other languages.

This solution is both :

  • Easy to use ;
  • Intuitive;
  • Time-saving;
  • Affordable.

The advantage? EoleCC generates multilingual content that is 90% reliable at lightning speed.

The best part is that the Eolementhe platform has proofreaders and interpreters who correct even the smallest mistakes. So you get a perfect translation result.

Are you convinced? Then here’s how it works in three words.

2.2. EoleCC: the tutorial for subtitling in videoconferencing

To add quality subtitles to your video conference, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Upload your video to the Videomenthe platform;
  2. Click to obtain the French text in a few minutes.
  3. Edit your subtitles or let our team of proofreaders do it;
  4. Validate your text online;
  5. Embed the text under your video;
  6. Share your content.

Want to translate the text into another language? Once your subtitling is done in French (or in any other language), the artificial intelligence translates it into the language of your choice. Our translators check it and deliver it to you ready for broadcast.

As you can see, it’s child’s play! No more hours spent typing a text on your computer! What’s more, unlike a free automatic online subtitling solution, you can be sure of the result. Your learners or customers will finally hear you out!

You want an idea of what your video conference can sound like with quality subtitling. Here are a few examples of our work.

3. 4 examples of successful online subtitling

Discover, in practice, the different applications of subtitling in a professional context.

3.1. Collaborative Captioned Video with Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies offers its customers a range of innovative technological services. In particular, the company has subtitled event videos for the production companies with which it works.

This alternative allows everyone to save precious time. It avoids the need to send repeated emails. In addition, subtitling has considerably reduced the number of language-related errors.

3.2. Making a subtitled video for ESP Business School

The ESP Foundation asked Videomenthe for its expertise in a special challenge. The challenge was to create an online greeting video with subtitles in english.

The automatic transcription and the intervention of a Videomenthe proofreader took place in record time. The foundation was thus able to post its content within the specified timeframe.

3.3. Subtitling the BNI France webinars

BNI is an international business network that helps professionals develop their business through referral marketing. And it is in this capacity that the company used Videomenthe’s subtitling solution.

BNI France needed a solution to translate its webinars from English to French. It uses EoleCC to subtitle its videos so that they can be easily seen and understood by those who do not speak English.

3.4. Transcribing training courses

You are a training institute or teacher and you want to create a quality educational video. Capture the attention of your learners and keep it by subtitling your courses, as the Collège de Paris has done. This organisation aims to be accessible to all.

It subtitled its videos from French into English so that its english-speaking students can have a flawless understanding. Collège de Paris adapts to its foreign audience by offering excellent quality multilingual subtitling.

Whatever the subject of your videos, Videomenthe offers you a choice alternative for successful transcriptions in all languages. So contact us now, or try out our free subtitling solution for your next video conference.