Subtitling: a must for boosting the visibility of your videos

Did you know that you can greatly improve the accessibility of your videos through subtitling? This article explains why subtitling has become essential today if you create videos. You’ll also get all the information you need to make this step easy. Let’s get started!

Why improve the accessibility of your videos through subtitling? 

You’re not sure why you should subtitle? You shouldn’t! Adding subtitles to your visual content is even a must these days. We explain why.

Make your content easier to understand

Subtitles make it easier for your audience to understand what you are explaining.

In fact, by combining the written and spoken word, you are more likely to engage your viewers. So why not?

Capturing your audience in all circumstances

Have you ever experienced this scene? You’re on a train platform or just sipping a drink on a noisy terrace. You want to watch the latest video from your favourite YouTube channel. But, of course, you can’t hear anything:

  • Read the subtitles and continue to be informed in peace;
  • Leave the page.

So what do you do? If you are really interested, you will read the subtitles with great attention. But there have to be some!

As you can see, subtitles help to keep your listeners’ attention. But that’s not all. Some of them may have a particular profile. In this case, as you will see, subtitling your video becomes mandatory. Take a look.

Reaching out to all

Do you want deaf and hard of hearing people to be able to access your content? Would you also like to allow people who do not understand French to enjoy your programmes?

It’s a fact: subtitling your videos is essential to make them accessible to everyone.

Today, it is possible to automatically generate a text in all foreign languages.

Increase your online visibility

By generating subtitles, you considerably improve the referencing of your videos. It is important to know that search engines are only able to read text. So, in order for them to index and rank your video content, it’s best to add more!

The question is how to go about creating a subtitle file.

You can decide to write them yourself, by viewing your content. For translation, online speech recognition software can possibly help you translate your words for free. But don’t expect the generated text to be of good quality.

So are there faster ways to improve the accessibility of your videos through subtitling? That’s what we’re going to tell you right now.

How to increase your visibility with quality subtitles?

You are wondering how to add your subtitles. Here we present you with a simple and effective way.

Solution for generating subtitles

You are not a professional subtitler? That’s normal if you are a teacher or an entrepreneur! And you can’t learn everything! So how can you improve the accessibility of your videos through subtitling?

And if you had in your hands a revolutionary solution for automatic subtitles, what would you do? You’d certainly jump at the chance, wouldn’t you?

The good news is that Videomenthe has created the online software that fully meets your needs. It’s called EoleCC. Let’s give you a taste of its prowess?

Intuitive subtitling software

EoleCC will become your secret weapon. With it, your subtitles are generated at the click of a button, thanks to artificial intelligence. You can have them in French or in over 120 different foreign languages.

On our platform, all you have to do is :

  • Upload your content;
  • Generate automatic titles.

All you have to do is insert them into your video and share it. Nothing complicated, as you can see!

As far as pricing is concerned, the offers are not very expensive. Choose between EoleCC Lite or EoleCC, depending on your needs.

Human review

To maximize the quality of subtitling, Videomenthe wanted to couple artificial intelligence with a manual correction. You can perform this review step yourself, directly on the platform, or have our professional translators review your entire subtitling for you. Don’t worry if you want subtitles in Chinese, Finnish or Zulu. Your text will be top notch!

You now have the solution to improve the accessibility of your videos with subtitles.


In addition, Vidéomenthe facilitates all your editing operations with its EoleEdit platform.