Easily add Arabic subtitles to your videos

Reach a global audience

Did you know that standard Arabic was spoken by 274 millions people in the world en 2021 (source: Langoly)?

Another interesting figure: the Arab SVOD market is growing rapidly, streamer subscriptions in the Arab world are expected to more than double in the next five years.

According to a study conducted in 13 Arab countries by the London-based research firm Digital TV Research”: “Pay SVOD subscribers in the Middle East region are expected to grow from 9.49 million in 2021 to 21.5 million by 2027.”

Netflix and Disney + will add hybrid tiers in a pan-Arab platform starting in 2024.

Even if you’re ot Netflix, adding Arabic subtitles to your videos is a really great option to reach this audience, on Youtube, social networks, web, etc

How to add Arabic subtitles to your videos?

Why should you add subtitles to your videos, whatever the language? 4 main reasons:

  • Improve accessibility for deaf or hard of hearing people
  • Allow your video to be watched anywhere
  • Internationalize your message
  • Improve the SEO

Adding Arabic subtitles to your videos will allow Arabic speakers to understand and engage with your video content.

When working on Arabic subtitles, be careful to:

  • The reading direction
  • The punctuation: use signs to mark pauses and voice inflections in reading.
  • The use of tashkīl: the correct pronunciation, the main purpose of tashkīl is to provide a phonetic guide

Our subtitling solution EoleCC generates quality Arabic subtitles in a few steps:

  1. Upload your video or your audio (for a podcast for example)
  2. Select the original language (for transcription step – 120 languages available)
  3. Select the Arabic language (for translation step)
  4. Customize your subtitles style
  5. Launch the automated steps !

Of course, AI tools will quickly transcript then translate your video in Arabic.

Proofreading by your team or by our translators

But EoleCC also offer a human review step, in order to get 100% accurate arabic subtitles:

  • You have skills in Arabic: check your subtitles in collaborative mode, directly on EoleCC platform
  • If you don’t, call on our professional translators, who’ll check for you the Arabic subtitles.