Why use subtitling in education?

E-learning is a popular way of learning for students today. Video has proven to be a very relevant educational medium, especially during the health crisis. However, whether you are a trainer or a teacher in a school, you may still have doubts about the use of subtitling in education. You shouldn’t be, it’s a real educational tool! Videomenthe analyses for you the advantages of including text under each of your multimedia contents.

Grabbing learners’ attention 

If you come from an educational background, you know that it’s easy to lose interest when listening to a lecture. By engaging your learner in active participation in the classroom, you are definitely improving their learning.

The question is how to remain impactful, even when you don’t have your students face to face. And that’s where subtitling can be a great help when it comes to education.

We’ve already talked about this in an article about video editing and translation in universities and education more generally. Text helps to sustain the concentration of those trying to follow your educational video. So don’t take it away from them!

Strengthening information processing 

Some of your students retain what they see. For others, memorization is primarily a visual story. But the fact remains that a student’s memory is subject to a significant cognitive load when learning online.

Reading as an aid to understanding

The educational caption helps to reduce the mental load involved in integrating new concepts. It fully enhances your listeners’ ability to understand and remember.

In this respect, the use of text speeds up the learning of a new language, for example.

In addition, there are easy-to-use automatic subtitling software packages available today. Take our online platform EoleCC. It is intuitive and user-friendly. So it’s easy to use. So who can beat that?

You want to make your subtitles easier to read. We’ll show you how.

Giving visual cues

Let’s imagine that one of your students has difficulty memorising. In concrete terms, he or she might have difficulty understanding the complicated word you mention in your educational video.

With EoleCC, you can help them. All you have to do is highlight the essential information in the concept. For example, play on :

  • The font ;
  • The size of the letters;
  • Their colour.

To generate your subtitles, simply upload your video. The rest is done automatically.


Learning in any situation

Today, your students can view your educational content from anywhere. Do you think that the street or a café terrace is an inappropriate place to learn?

But some people choose these places to learn, even if the noise level is particularly high.

Without subtitles, it is easy to see that your sequence is likely to be lost!

For information, you should know that, according to an estimate by the website Digiday, more than 80% of videos are viewed without sound. It’s still difficult to understand a silent educational recording, don’t you think? Here’s another good reason to start using educational subtitles!

Text in video: a must for the hearing impaired

Do you want to have inclusive content? Have you thought about students who have difficulty hearing? Subtitling your educational content is a must for them.

The law on equal rights and opportunities has made it compulsory for all television programmes that include more than 2.5% of people with hearing difficulties. So if there is one reason why you should subtitle your lessons, it is this!

Subtitling in education: an international opening 

Subtitling in education is also a real way of breaking down language barriers.
With a translation in their native language, a student on the other side of the world can now follow your courses. This is a revolution in the field of e-learning! Your words are now accessible by any human being on the planet.

The Collège de Paris, for example, translates all its courses online thanks to EoleCC.

Our software can transcribe your entire course in a few minutes into more than 120 languages.

Videomenthe’s professional translators can then make the final corrections. Your course is then translated flawlessly, whatever the language.

Boost your online educational videos

Do you have an online business in the field of education? In addition to the benefits for your students, subtitling is also a great way to increase your visibility on the Internet.

You should know that search engines rely on text to index your content. So your subtitles are a real opportunity to make yourself known. So use them to your advantage.

Generate educational documents easily 

You want to be effective in the shortest possible time. Here’s a tip: get your subtitle file and turn it into :

  • Summary ;
  • Fill-in-the-blank exercises ;
  • Etc.

You create all types of educational documents. Practical, isn’t it? You also save hours of work with EoleEdit, our editing solution.

You have certainly understood why it is difficult to do without subtitling in education today. It contributes to the success of your French or foreign students. At the same time, it helps to improve your referencing when you work online. You are looking for a reliable solution to generate quality subtitles in French or in other languages. EoleCC is definitely the right online software for you. So don’t wait any longer to try it out.