How to subtitle an online course, an e-learning content?

How do you subtitle your online courses and make your e-learning training successful? From manual transcription to the use of automatic online subtitling software, there are 3 choices. Videomenthe reviews these alternatives. Read on and quickly find your solution for subtitling your online courses or E-Learning content.

In the table of contents

  • Subtitling an online course manually
  • Getting automatic subtitles for e-learning
  • Transcribing an online course in a professional way
  • Why generate subtitles for training modules?

1.subtitle an online course manually

You want to transcribe your digital training content without using an online platform or a transcription software. Here is the procedure.

1.1 Transcribing an e-learning course without subtitling tools

After your video editing:

  • Open a text file.
  • View your instructional video.
  • Type in your course content.
  • Then embed your subtitle file in your video with a dedicated software.

Be careful, with this method, the synchronization of the text with the audio (the famous “time-codes”, or time indicators) will have to be done manually.

All you have to do is upload your digital content to your e-learning platform. However, you should know that you may encounter some problems, which we will discuss below.

1.2 An unreliable process

Are you new to e-learning content creation? Adding subtitles to a video by yourself is a delicate operation. You will need to be patient and, above all, take your time.

Do you want to transcribe your course into a foreign language that you don’t master?

Why not generate subtitles automatically, using a free process? You will save hours of work.

2. Get automatic subtitles for e-learning

Discover here a second solution to subtitle an online course or an e-learning content thanks to a free software.

2.1. Automatic transcription tools

Skip writing your subtitles to create an educational video faster. Use your word processor’s speech recognition. Start your educational video. Your free online transcription service does the rest.

What about translation, you ask? Some online tools, like Google Translate, make it easy. All you have to do is :

  • Copy and paste your subtitle file directly into your browser.
  • Set the language of your choice.

You get a translated text in seconds.

Are you used to using YouTube? The platform has its own subtitling solution. It automatically generates a text in the chosen language.

Unfortunately, these solutions still show some weaknesses, as you will see below.

2.2. The limits of non-professional speech recognition

This type of automatic subtitle generator offers you an express alternative to get a transcript.

But don’t expect it to be of exceptional quality. In addition to spelling and grammatical errors, this kind of unprofessional automatic captioning software frequently makes comprehension errors. It would be a shame if your students didn’t understand anything, don’t you think?

Fortunately, Videomenthe has developed a professional, powerful and fast online subtitling solution. It combines artificial intelligence with the work of experienced proofreaders and translators.

3. Transcribe an e-learning course in a professional way

Here is EoleCC, the professional subtitling software that you won’t be able to do without after testing it.

3.1 EoleCC: a fast and secure subtitling service

Subtitle your online courses or e-learning content with ease. The intuitive interface is accessible to anyone, even a beginner in the field of editing and video. 

With our online subtitling platform, your titles are embedded in no time.

Here’s how it works:

  • Import your educational video into EoleCC.
  • Transcribe it in French.
  • Select a language from the 120 available languages.
  • Translate your educational subtitles.
  • Validate your text alone or with others.
  • Trust the international translators who work with Videomenthe. They will correct the slightest error.
  • Embed your titles.
  • Publish your video and its .srt file on your favorite network.

With EoleCC, you offer your learners a quality video in a flash. Let’s take a look at the advantages of this transcription solution?

3.2. Subtitling a video without stress

Subtitling an online educational video is a breeze at a very reasonable cost. Tell us how many minutes of subtitling you need. We’ll tailor your subscription accordingly.

Worried about getting lost? No reason to be! Even if we work with artificial intelligence, our team is human. We’re here to help you out of any trouble you might have with the subtitling of your latest video.

You are still hesitant to subtitle your e-learning content with EoleCC. Below are some of the reasons why using subtitles in education is a must today.

4. Why generate subtitles for training modules?

Transcription and translation are highly effective ways to help your students understand and remember your visual material. They also help to improve the accessibility of your videos: 

  • To the deaf and hearing impaired;
  • To an international audience.

The little extra

Do you publish your learning videos on the Web? A quality transcript definitely boosts your natural referencing. In other words, you have a much better chance of having your content appear in the first results of Google. This is the Holy Grail if you want to be known! Let’s not forget that gaining visibility is above all about widening your audience.

You now know how to subtitle an online course to obtain quality e-learning content. Of course, you can write your own text. But you will waste many hours. Thinking of using a free transcription or translation software? You may be in for a few surprises! So, don’t hesitate to choose EoleCC, the translation solution from Videomenthe. It’s a real pro solution at a low cost! Plus, we won’t let you down if you have a problem. Just contact us.