Impact of video in media and broadcasting

You are a company that shares short programs, webinars or radio shows. Do you want to expand your audience and perhaps make your media or broadcasting known outside the borders of France? Both video editing and translation are now available for media and radio. Focus on the advantages of audio-video and a simple, effective editing solution adopted by the largest media.

In summary 

1. Media and broadcasting: 4 advantages of video

1.1. A format your subscribers love

1.2 Internet users glued to their screens

1.3. Multilingual communication possible

2. Optimized and subtitled content

2.1. EoleEdit: top video creations

2.2. Editing and translation solution for media or broadcasting

1. Media and broadcasting: 4 advantages of video

Adding an audiovisual recording to your media or radio is a real booster to expand your community.

1.1. A format your subscribers love

The French are very fond of audiovisual content. According to HubSpot, 55% of them consume video in addition to other content. Whatever the message you are conveying, video is an excellent information vector. It can be added to a news article or used to repeat a topic already covered in a radio show.

1.2 Internet users glued to their screens

Video consumers devour their content wherever they are:

  • A noisy bar;
  • A crowded place;
  • A doctor’s waiting room;
  • Etc.

Under such conditions, you will understand that written transcription is the only possible key to successfully retaining your audience.

The use of subtitling also makes your media accessible to everyone, including the deaf and hearing impaired.

1.3. Multilingual communication possible

You’d like to increase your audience on the other side of the world. Do like ADOCC: translate your media or broadcast recording. Thanks to a Saas solution of subtitling in English realized by Videomenthe, this agency was able to put forward the economic activity of Occitania on the occasion of the VivaTech show.

1.4. Optimized and subtitled content

You want to promote your media or radio show? Fill the first page of Google with audio or video publications. You will have the world at your feet!

One thing is clear: search engine algorithms are not yet powerful enough to understand only the spoken word.

Written content is therefore of paramount importance, including in your video. So, think about using subtitles when editing your media. You will then have the full attention of Google, whether it is an interview, news, etc.

2. Editing and translation solution for media or radio

Videomenthe offers an online collaborative editing platform for media and radio. As an expert in editing and translation, the company has been collaborating for many years with major broadcasters such as Euronews, Arte and RFI. You are not a professional editor? There’s no need for that! With Eolementhe, you have in your hands a real audiovisual studio that a child could use. It is, in fact, intuitive and easy to use. With it, you can create quality visual content at a very low cost. You can also subtitle and translate it into more than 120 languages.

2.1. EoleEdit: top video creations

EoleEdit revolutionizes video editing. Without being an audiovisual expert, this platform allows you to :

  • Format your video efficiently;
  • Cut your shots easily;
  • Make connections in an intuitive way;
  • Sort your rushes in a few clicks;
  • Add a logo very easily;
  • And more.

Without spending hours, you feed your content with quality videos. Your media or broadcasting then takes another dimension by inviting itself on social networks or your website.

2.2 EoleCC: the must for multilingual subtitling

Incorporate text in your videos without hesitation. With EoleCC, you have in your hands one of the most powerful online transcription and translation tools. 

Simply upload your video to the platform. The EoleCC program takes care of the rest.

It generates 90% accurate subtitles in the shortest possible time.

You need English editing and translation software. You want your media or radio program to be known abroad. Translate its content into one of the 120 possible languages and conquer the world.

Videomenthe has been pushing the door of the media and radio for a long time. It must be said that these turnkey editing and translation services offer real opportunities to increase an audience. Would you like to test our audiovisual studio for free? Please contact us. We are at your disposal and we will assist you during all the stages of creation.