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News and Webinars on Subtitling and Video Editing

Are you looking for the magic keys to easily edit and subtitle your content? Then join us and discover all our news and webinars available for free and at will! Do your videos hold all your expertise? Do they deliver an important message? To make them even more impactful and to boost their natural referencing on the web, participate in our events and devour our press releases! Videomenthe offers several solutions to boost your videos. Because this excellent communication medium is well worth it! It increases web traffic considerably. Nevertheless, you must make it original and memorable. Discover our news and webinars in replay to learn more!

In summary

  1. Webinar in replay for editing and subtitling videos online
  2. Exciting News: Events and Press
  3. Our turnkey subtitling and video editing solutions


1. Webinar in replay for editing and subtitling videos online

Videomenthe is a company located in the south of France, under the sun of Occitania. Its unrivalled know-how has been spreading throughout France and even Europe for over a decade.

Indeed, Videomenthe is a publisher of video solutions in SaaS mode for the media and corporate sectors. Among its partners, we find the European Parliament or Probikeshop which is deployed on YouTube and which impacts a community of 42.8 K followers!

To inform, entertain, and impact your audience, the company has created a collaborative platform for video editing and automatic subtitling correlated to a review by users or professional translators.

This incredible tool is called Eolementhe. To share this expertise, webinars are organized. Check out the replays of these nuggets full of info and tips on video editing and subtitling:

  • How to edit and caption a quality video? Learn with this webinar how to create a strong video that generates engagement. 
  • How to subtitle your videos in 120 languages? To export your expertise internationally, intelligent translation is a must. Here, you’ll learn how Artificial Intelligence combined with human review powers your videos.
  • Edit and collaborate from anywhere in a few clicks with Videomenthe and Dropbox. In this webinar, you’ll discover how to accelerate your productivity and make your life easier with intuitive and secure tools.
Videomenthe news

2. Exciting News: Events and Press

Videomenthe multiplies partnerships and events. Come and meet us at trade fairs or during the IT Déj’!

We are present in the following events:

And the press is talking about Videomenthe! Here are some extracts:

3. Our turnkey subtitling and video editing solutions

Eolementhe has already convinced many large groups, are you tempted? Then try the solution for free for 1 month! And discover tools that generate subtitles 5x faster and boost your video editing!

  • ​​ EoleEdit, its online video editing solution: cut images, assemble, overlay, change fonts and colors;
  • EoleCC, an online subtitling tool: create, check and customize your subtitles!

Videomenthe’s News and Webinars on video editing and subtitling are full of must-have tips for your business. Click here to discover them!